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Did you know...
that large and prestigious companies always buy the best but never pay the most?

Some would say its because they have "clout" they can negotiate the best, most cost-saving deals simply because they are large, well-known and highly prized as customers.

The REAL REASON they get the best but never pay the most...
they seek out the best product at the most economical price and dont buy until they find it.

Im sure youd agree large businesses can afford to spend ANY amount of money to enhance the beauty and livability of their surroundings.

They shop, they compare. And in the end, they choose Mr Green Jeans for ONE reason:

Mr. Green Jeans is the best interior landscape service in the greater Boston area at the most economical price

We'll even supply you with the telephone numbers of our clients so you can hear first-hand what they say about the value of Mr. Green Jeans' programs.


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