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Plants in Your Office or Business
We Know the Do's and Don'ts...

Everyone knows first impressions are critical in business... We create environments that project your success and reflect the quality of your organization.

As specialists with plants, we can show you the best ways to use green plants - and colorful blooming plants too.

How We Start

First, we look at your space and its lighting, heating, humidity, and any other possible problems. Planning is the most important step in achieving your environmental effect.

How We Help

We suggest a design and specific plants that will look good and survive in you space. We can work with your architect, designer or you.

To Keep It Looking Good

After installation, our horticulturists care for your plants on a regular scheduled basis. If any plants do not remain healthy then we guarantee replacement at no cost.

For Top Appearance

We stock a large inventory of tropical foliage trees, and a vast array of other tropical plants. If a replacement is ever needed, we can deliver it quickly. The result... excellent appearance at all times.

Experience Is The Difference

We have installed hundreds and hundreds of interior landscape projects. We know what works and what doesn't. Whether you're looking to use plants in your office for the first time or to improve your current program... we can help!


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